Venture Studio Through the Eyes of Lead Dog Development

So, what is a venture studio anyway?

Broadly, venture studios are groups that have the in-house expertise and resources to jumpstart and de-risk company building. Some provide funding or services to outside companies in exchange for equity. Others only source, vet and accelerate their own ideas, staffing them up to grow and possibly spin out. The common thread across all groups with a venture studio model is an intense focus on collaboration and high-touch, hands-on management.

How We See It

The road from concept to commercialization is paved with execution. With our emphasis on execution, we surround founders with all of the expertise they need to bring their ideas to market.

At Lead Dog Development, our venture studio approach is built on flexibility:

· Open, agnostic platform. Our experts are available to support both internal ideas and external companies.

· Equity and fee-for-service models. Sometimes, we work for a percentage of equity in the companies we build. Understanding that equity is often more expensive than cash, we are also willing to roll up our sleeves and take a hands-on role in company building on a retainer basis.

· A la carte options. Every company has different needs. We offer a buffet of services, but you only pay for what you need.

· Relentless commitment to value. We only take on ideas and companies if we know we can add value — whether it’s accelerating development, stepping in as interim CEO, supporting day-to-day operations, raising capital, or pounding the pavement to generate sales.

· Obsession with true partnerships. We believe in getting down in the trenches to make connections, create communities, and cultivate long-term collaborations.

About Lead Dog Development

Lead Dog Development (LDD) is a venture studio built on the premise of delivering just-in-time expertise to life sciences companies at every stage of development. With its cross-functional collective of industry veterans, LDD takes a SWAT team approach to identifying gaps and delivering tactical solutions that help companies overcome hurdles and hit milestones. Whether you need help with fundraising, pre-clinical validation, valuation, regulatory submissions, quality management, operations, market access, commercialization or third-party logistics, LDD has an expert who can step in as part of your team.

-June Chen

We are a cross-functional collective of industry veterans, united to deliver expertise to life sciences companies at every stage.